Hope Street’s Priorities

What is Hope Street Coalition? 

  • Hope Street Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance for combined action focused on building awareness of the intersection of homelessness, mental illness, and addiction.  Hope Street’s broad umbrella of individuals and organizations works together in partnership to end the suffering on the streets. 

What is Hope Street’s goal?

  • Hope Street Coalition seeks to reduce, through advocacy, the suffering on the streets of America created by homelessness, mental illness, and addiction.

What is Hope Street’s advocacy vision?  

  • Reduction of homelessness. Hope Street Coalition supports outcome-driven approaches and programs that reduce unsheltered homelessness. 
  • Removal of treatment barriers. Hope Street Coalition seeks the removal of barriers to treatment for mental illness and addiction – the two biggest drivers of street suffering.
  • Scale housing that heals. Hope Street Coalition supports the increase of clinically intensive residential care facilities to provide long-term stability and wellness.  Hope Street discourages the use of housing and non-clinical services as substitutes for clinical interventions.  
  • Balanced individual and community interests. Hope Street opposes efforts that place the safety and best interests of the community below the decisions of individuals, who lack capacity to participate and function in primary activities of daily living, to harm themselves, go untreated, and risk their health and safety.

For whom does Hope Street advocate?

  • Hope Street fights for the most vulnerable of the homeless population: the unhoused mentally ill and addicted.  Focusing on this population will result in significant reductions in unsheltered homelessness, victimization, and destitution.