Hope Street Coalition

Addressing the Intersection of Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Addiction.

The humanitarian crisis of our time is no further than our city’s streets.  Unsheltered homelessness, driven by untreated serious mental illness and chronic addiction, is growing, creating third-world poverty and destitution in American communities.  People are deteriorating in plain sight. The most vulnerable cycle in and out of jail, emergency rooms, and encampments until prison, suicide, or death remove them from the streets. 

Hope Street Coalition stands for housing for the unhoused and for treatment combined with appropriate housing for those suffering on the streets. Gaps in the current systems must be addressed because housing as a cure-all simply hasn’t reduced homelessness. 

Raising awareness, equipping citizens, and advocating for specific changes in local, state, and federal policies will start to solve the current crisis. What’s needed are both/and solutions and the boldness to call out what’s not working. Hope Street Coalition is about focusing on the population that is growing the fastest and suffering the most – the unhoused mentally ill and addicted.

End the suffering on the streets of the mentally ill and chronically addicted by creating appropriate housing, access to care and treatment, and criminal justice system reform. 

Advocate for and raise awareness of innovative and effective community solutions that address the intersection of homelessness, serious mental illness, and chronic addiction.

Hope Street’s Priorities

Who Is Hope Street Coalition